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Customize the Design Using the Style Dots


  1. We have released the Bulk Style Editor. With it, you can edit the styling of multiple items (apps, text, containers, etc) at the same time and from a single panel! Check it out, it will help you create and publish a website faster.
  2. Now you can hide the Style Dots when you’re done styling up, so they don’t interfere with your workflow. It also improves speed! Check out the Design Mode options.

About the Style Dots

How to Access the Style Dots

You can completely customize the look and feel of your website using the style dots within our website maker. To access the style dots, move your mouse around the page. When you roll-over a style dot, it outlines the area that the dot controls. Simply click the dot, and you’ll see all of the style editing options.

Here’s an example of the style dots seen when mousing around the screen
(Notice the outlined area when you roll-over a dot, indicating the area that you can edit styles on)

Mousing Around Style Dots to See Style Dots in Breezi

When you click a dot, you get the style editor for that particular area of the page.

Style Dot Edit Options in Breezi

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