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Creating a Letter Press Text Effect (Part 1)

What You’ll Learn

Today we’ll go through how to create a letter press text effect with dark font against a lighter background.


  1. Add a background to the area of your page that you’d like to apply the letter press text effect to.
  2. Install a version of the Text app, or you can use any app you’re already working with that includes text.
  3. Adjust the font style, and apply a color that creates a nice contrast with your background.
  4. Highlight your text, and select the drop shadow option from the WYSIWYG toolbar.
  5. Set the color to color to white, opacity to 100, horizontal distance to 0, and vertical distance to 2. You can adjust these options however you’d like.

You’ll notice this creates a letter press effect, to give your text some nice dimension. To see how to apply this effect using lighter text against a dark background, go onto part 2 of this tutorial.