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CMS Panel for Content-Heavy Apps

In this article, you will learn about the new CMS panel. This panel is designed to support the editing of content-heavy apps, such as the blog app.

CMS stands for “Content Management System”, and speaking broadly, it refers to a tool designed to help edit and organize information.

Blog app with the CMS panel opened

This is how the CMS panel for the blog app looks like

How it Works

To enter the CMS panel view, you just have to double click on any part  of your app (where content is editable). The CMS panel, depending on the app you’re editing, will show different options for editing content.

Image Gallery App

To open the CMS panel of an image gallery app, double click on the app title or image thumbnails.

The Image gallery app, double clicking title or thumbnails opens the CMS

Double click on the image gallery app title or thumbnails to open the CMS panel

When it’s open, the Image gallery app’s CMS panel will look like the following:

CMS panel for an image gallery app

This is how an image gallery’s CMS panel looks like

On the sample above, the CMS panel is showing the options for editing one of your images. If you click on “Images”, the options for managing and editing your available images will be shown.

The CMS panel view for managing images of the "Image Gallery" app

Clicking on “Images” on the left, will take you to this view, that shows a list of your current items for editing and reordering

The video gallery app looks very much alike.

Blog App

To open the CMS panel on the Blog app, double click on either the app title, date of the post, or the post itself. We have a specific post that addresses the new blog app and how it works, be sure to check it out too!

The blog app. Double click to edit

You can either double click on the title, date or post to open the CMS panel

The CMS panel for the blog app will look like the following image.

Sample view of a CMS panel for the blog app

The blog app has several options on the left of the CMS panel

The blog app has several more options, for managing categories, the post themselves, and additional settings. Learn more on the article mentioned and linked above.

Where You’ll Find the CMS Panel

These are some of the apps that use the CMS panel to edit its content:

We may add to this list as current apps need it or as new ones are released.

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