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Final Checklist Before Launching Your New Site!

Double-check these Things Before Publishing your Site

Getting ready to launch your new site? I know – there can be a lot to think about and double check, and feeling like you’re forgetting something is the worst! But breathe easy my friend, we’ve got a handy little checklist to share with you to help you through to the launch.

Depending on your website, there certainly may be other loose ends to wrap up, but this list will cover the main things to check off before going live.

✓ Proofread Your Copy

Read all your texts to make sure they're fine

Make sure you proofread all of the text on your site, going page by page to check for correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, etc. Avoid using big blocks of text, and instead break up your copy into shorter, more “digestible” paragraphs as much as possible.

✓ All Pages Are Linked

Link your pages

It’s important that visitors to your site can easily move around between pages seamlessly. You never want a visitor to feel “lost”. Make sure that you’re using navigation links to clearly guide visitors to the different pages of your site. A good rule of thumb is to have all internal links (those that open other pages within your site) open in the same window, while setting external links (URLs for other websites) to open in a new window.

✓ Forms Are Setup Properly

Form settings

Are you using the Contact, Button, Banner, and/or Ask Me A Question apps? Each of these apps has the option to setup a form, where you can customize the form title, description, fields, confirmation message, and the auto-response email that sends to the visitor after submitting. These options can be customized through the Form Settings, App Settings, and Inquiries button on the app.

✓ Page Titles Make Sense

Use relevant page names

The page titles you set will show up in your visitors’ browsers, and also in search engine results that you show up for, so you want to make they effectively describe the page’s content. You can modify your page titles by clicking “Pages,” and then the pencil icon will take you to the Page Settings for each page. This is also where you can add a meta description and meta keywords if you’d like, to help optimize the page for better search results.

Fine-Tuning Styles

Fine-tune styles

If you haven’t already, take a careful look at each page, and make sure that things like backgrounds, colors, spacing, alignment, borders, opacity, and other style effects are designed the way you’d like your site to look. Sometimes through a final review you’ll catch one or two things you’d like to tweak and fine-tune just a bit more before launch.

✓ Domain is Pointed

Point your domain with the right info

Do you want to use your own domain name for your site’s URL? You can always keep your site as a subdomain (, but most customers prefer to use their own domain. Pointing your domain is the last step before you go live – just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be all set!

Additional Information

Need a little more help wrapping up loose ends before you launch the new site? Of course you can always check out our How To’s, or email us at anytime, and we’d be more than happy to help!

Have questions or comments about this how-to? Let us know in the comments area below!