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How to change your password

How to change your password

If you have forgotten your password, or if you just want to change it, check these simple steps to achieve it:

Forgot your password

1. Go to your site login ( and click on “Forgot Password?”.

Breezi site login

Enter Your Email

2. Enter your email and click “Get Password”. The email you enter here must be the same that you used to create your site.

Enter your email into the box

Receive a Link

3. You will receive an email shortly with the following information:

Hello [user]!

Someone has requested a link to change your password, and you can do this through the link below.

[personalized link]

If you didn’t request this, please ignore this email.

Your password won’t change until you access the link above and create a new one.

4. Click the personalized link and update your password.

Edit your password

If you only want to modify your password, without going through the steps above:

1. Log in to your site (, and click on “More” on the shelf control bar, in the bottom of your browser.

2. Click on User Info:

User Info button on the shelf

Click on “User Info” to edit your e-mail, name and password

3. You will be presented a modal window like the image below. Enter your new password as desired and click Save Changes on the top right.

Update your password

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