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How to change font size in your text

Customizing font sizes is really easy. These simple steps will guide you through the process:

Go to Your Text

1. Once in your site (authoring mode,, mouse over the app that has the text you want to modify. You’ll notice that the text is highlighted, and the editing dots appear.

An app with the text you want to change

2. Click inside the app, and select the desired text.

Select the text or words you want to edit

Edit in Place

You’ll notice that the edit in place toolbar appears on the top of your browser (this toolbar is shown only when editing and formating text):

Edit in Place Toolbar

3. Simply select a font size from the dropdown.

The dropdown of values for font size

There are several predefined font sizes, but you can also enter your own, by selecting the numbers in the font size box, deleting them, and adding your own:

Enter your own value for font size

Then hit “enter” or “return” (once you’ve added a font size) to see the change take effect on your text.

You may notice that when clicking the toolbox or the font size dropdown, your text may be temporarily deselected. But don’t worry, your changes are still being applied, so go ahead and select your font size and you’ll notice an instant update on your text.

Click Outside to Save

In order to save the changes you just did, just click outside the app you are editing. You can also learn more about it by checking this article about how to save changes.

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