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Changing Backgrounds on a Page, Column or App


We have released the Bulk Style Editor. With it you can edit the styling, like colors and backgrounds, of multiple items (apps, text, containers, etc) at the same time and from a single panel! Check it out, it will help you design faster.

We’ve released the Design Mode options too, to hide/show Style Dots on your layout.

How to Edit Your Backgrounds

It’s easy to change the backgrounds of different areas of your page. To do this, click the larger dots in the upper left of each area of your page. From this style dot you can set a solid color, gradient, pick from one of our background designs or upload your own (coming soon for all background areas), and even add an opaque color over a selected background. Watch the video below and give it a try!

Note: Background images are only for blocks or full page. This means that you cannot add images as backgrounds on sections and columns (in this cases you can only use background colors). Nonetheless, we will be adding the option to use background images on sections and columns in the near future, so be on the look out for this and other upcoming features!

Use the Style Dots

You can change the backgrounds of each block on your site using these dots

Background settings for a "row" ()

Click “Background Image” to select a background image or upload your own

Settings for selecting a background image


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