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Extend Your Bulk Style Editor Updates to All Your Pages

Customize your Design with the Bulk Style Editor Propagation Feature

As you may know, there’s a relatively new feature here we’ve released called the Bulk Style Editor. It works like a massive style dot that you can use to apply styles to different types of content (images, texts, etc.) and containers (blocks, sections, columns) within the same panel. It speeds up the design process and helps you stay consistent throughout your page. But what if we told you that you can apply those same changes to ALL the pages in your site with just one click? Now you can do it with the new Bulk Style Editor propagation feature. For example, if you want all your images to have the same borders and drop shadow, you can manage it through here.

Note: In the meantime you can’t apply any changes to text (size, font, color, etc.) with the Bulk Style Editor propagation feature, but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s enabled. Also, there’ll be a special feature for “Layout Propagation” so be on the lookout for that.

How to Enable It

Open the Bulk Style Editor by clicking the “Styles” button in the bottom shelf.

Click on Styles from the bottom shelf

Click on Styles on the bottom shelf

After you modify the styling options, click on the “gear” icon on the upper right corner of the panel.

Click on the gear icon

Click on the gear icon

You’ll see the “Apply To Other Pages” option open. Click on it.

Select the "Apply to Other Pages" link

Click on the “Apply to Other Pages” option

After you do that, a new panel with a list of the pages on your site will appear. Beside each one there’ll be a checkbox. Select the ones you would like to propagate the styles to. After you’re done, click the green “Apply to These Pages” button on the bottom right corner.

Note: the propagation feature is pretty straightforward. For example Body 1 in page “A”, modifies Body 1 in Page “B”. But, if you have any extra blocks (or in this case, “Bodies”) in Page “B”, they won’t be modified at all. You’ll need to have the same number of blocks in page “A” than in page “B” for all of them to be changed. And that goes for any other container in your site.

Click the "Apply to These Pages" button

Select the green “Apply to These Pages” button

A confirmation message will pop up. If you’re absolutely certain that you want to go through with the propagation, click the “Propagate Styles” button. It can take a while to load if you have a lot of content in your page. The message “Done” will appear in the bottom right corner of the propagation panel when your website is ready.

Note: your current styles on the blocks and pages you’re propagating to will not be recoverable so you must be sure about what you’re doing.

Click on the Propagate Styles button to continue

Click on the Propagate Styles button to continue

And that’s it! With the Bulk Style Editor propagation feature, you’ll have your website ready in no time. Plus, it will be consistent with your design and stylistic choices.

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