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How the Blog App Works

How the Blog App Works


A new version of the blog app has been released. Check it out!

What You’ll Learn

We will explain how the Blog app works, and how to get started building a blog with our blog app.

Install the Blog App

1. Once in your site, open the Apps menu on the shelf.
(If you haven’t created a site you can build your website online here.)

Click the App menu

2. The menu will display several options. Scroll down until you find Blog.

App Store Menu, showing the Blog app

Click, hold, and drag the “Install New” button to your desired column. Once you like the position, drop it there, and it will build a blog and load a default entry.

Drag the blog app to your desired

After it loads, you will see your Blog app with a default entry, similar to the next image.

Blog app after loading

To Edit

Edit Its Text

3. You can now start editing the sample post and add more blog posts. If you want to edit the blog title or post title, double click on them and start typing. Same with images, double click to upload a new image and crop/resize if need be. The image thumbnail is automatically linked to the full entry. For editing the post content, click on “Edit Post”, on the bottom right corner of the Blog app, as shown below.

Edit post button

A modal window will appear, check step 7 below to see a screenshot of it.

Edit The Date

4.If you want to edit the date, click on it and a date picker will appear:

Date picker for the blog entry

Add More Entries

5. If you want to add more entries: click in the “New Entry” icon on the left of the app toolbar.

Click to add entries

6. A modal window will slide from the right, where you can edit title, date, thumbnail and content. You can also add more posts here, by clicking on the left icon that depicts a page with a “+” (plus) sign. This window will look like this.

Modal window to edit posts

Use the WYSIWYG Editor

In this editor, you can format text in a number of ways, such as using bold, italics, ordered or unordered lists, add links, and more, with the edit in place toolbar, located at the top:

The edit in place toolbar lets you add formating to your text

You can also add images or videos, by clicking on the two icons at the far right of the toolbar.

Add images or videos to your posts

For images, you can either add one from a public URL, or upload your own.

Add from a web address, or your computer

For videos, you can only use URLs, either from Vimeo or Youtube.

Add videos from Youtube or Vimeo

Some Additional Features of the Blog App

If you want to change the order of the posts (how they appear), you can click the reorder button, illustrated with two up/down arrows. Also note that there’s an “X”, right next to this icon, that will delete the post.

Reorder button

A sliding window will open from the right, there you can drag and drop the entries and reorder to your liking.

Modal window for reordering posts

Now if you don’t have an image for your post or just want to remove the thumbnail, hover over it and an “X” will appear on the upper right corner.

Remove image thumbnail

There’s also social sharing options on each entry, that allow you and your visitors to share your posts.

Social networking icons for your posts

Full featured blogging system, such as categorization, commenting and RSS syndication are coming soon and we’ve got awesome new features being deployed all the time, so check back often to see what’s new!

Have questions or comments about this how-to? Let us know in the comments area below!