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The App Store

The App Store

How to Use the New App Store

Everything you need to know about how to use the new App Store in our wysiwyg website builder.

About Installed Apps

One of the first things that you’ll notice with the new App Store, is that it’s easier than ever to identify currently installed apps on your site. When you open the App Store menu, you’ll see a list of available apps. Right beside the name of each app, there’s a number indicating how many versions you have for that particular app.

App Store Menu

If you don’t have any apps installed, there will be no number shown. But if you installed one app that was removed from your pages (clicking the big X on the top right of that app) at some point, the App Store will remember it. So you may have a previously deleted app showing on your App Store, even if it’s not currently installed on any page. This will add to the total number of app versions showing there.

The App Store menu, showing an app not installed

On the right side of the App Store menu, you have two items. The first one is an eye icon. If you hover over it, a small box will appear on top of it. It will contain a preview of the default state of that app.

Preview of the default version of the Text + Photo Block app

How to Install an App

The next element, is the “Install New” app button. Use it to add a new version of that app to your page. To do so, click and drag that button into one of your blocks. Notice how a gray box appears wherever you move your mouse, to indicate you can drop your new app there.

Dragging an "Install New" app button

Once you release your mouse button, your app will load there.

App Versions

Now let’s take a look at the app versions. When you click on an app’s name, a list with all the app versions of that app will be shown. Including currently installed ones but, as mentioned before, also ones that are no longer appearing in any of your pages. If you have never installed that app, it shouldn’t show any list.

App versions showing for the Navigation app

The App Store Icons

Notice there are a few items on the right. These are:

  • Preview icon
  • “Installed on” icon
  • “Additional options” menu
  • Install version button

Preview Icon

You’ll get a quick preview of that particular app version, when you hover over this icon (depicted by an eye).

The preview of a Navigation app version

“Installed on” Icon

 When you mouse over it, a list of pages where that version is currently installed will be shown.

The "Installed on" icon for a version of the Image Gallery app

“Additional options” Menu

Hover over the gear icon and a menu will appear. Here you can either rename or uninstall (and completely remove) an app version. Details follow.

“Rename App” Option

One of the most important and useful features in the App Store is the ability to change the name of the version. This may help you identify the different versions of the app you have installed.

If you have, for example, several Navigation apps, you could name them according to what they contain: “Main Nav”, “Footer Navigation”, “Sidebar Menu”, “Blogroll links”, etc.

Click and remove the old generic text to enter a custom name

Click and remove the old generic text to enter a custom name

“Uninstall and Delete App” Option

The other item, “Uninstall and Delete App” will remove that version from your site. It will no longer appear in the App Store and you will not be able to restore it.

Confirmation for uninstall an app version

Install button

 Just like installing a new app, drag and drop this button to one of your s to install that exact app version. You can use it to install a navigation menu that you have on the rest of your pages but wasn’t installed here yet, for example.

Red arrow pointing to "Install"

As you drag it around your page, you’ll notice “dropping zones” appearing to indicate you can release your app there.

Do you have any doubts or questions about the App Store? Please share by posting a comment!