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How App Settings Work

How App Settings Work

About the Different “Edit Settings” Options on Apps

Some apps have “Settings”, which give you some additional options for the app. These options will vary depending on the app you’re working with, so we suggest checking the settings on the apps you’re using to make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the available features. Let’s go through some examples.

Facebook Fan Page App

On the Facebook Fan Page app you can set your Facebook Page URL and whether or not to display your Wall stream:

Settings for the Facebook Fan Page app

Twitter App

Set your Twitter ID in the Twitter app to pull in your tweets:

Settings for the Twitter app

Social Icons App

On the Social Icons app, you can enter all of your social profiles and pick from a number of different display options for how your social icons will look:

Settings for the Social Icons app

Slideshow App

On the Slideshow app, you can set how the image transitions will happen, the transition speed, etc:

Settings for the Slideshow app

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