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Find Out if Your App is Used On Other Pages

In this article you will learn how to know if the app you’re currently editing is installed on another page.

Implications of App Versions on Other Pages

App versions share content through out pages. If you have the same app version installed on several pages, and you make a change in any of them, they will all get updated.

If you are editing apps that are supposed to be the same across pages, say a navigation app that serves as a menu for all your site’s pages, you may find this OK. But if you don’t want to affect other app versions on other pages, you should duplicate the current app or create a new version. This way you will only end up modifying one app version and the rest of them won’t get updated.

How to Find Out

If an app is installed on more pages other than the current one, an animated button will appear on the app toolbar (on top of the app), and will look like the following image:

App toolbar notification: this app is used on other pages

The button will appear on the app toolbar to notify that you are using this version on other pages of your site

And if you hover over it, it will display the following:

This version of the [current app] exists on other pages.

If you make any content changes, they will be applied throughout the pages. If you don’t want this to happen, duplicate this app or create a new version.

This button will only appear on apps that are installed on other pages. If your app is only installed on current page, no notification will appear and the app toolbar will look like the following image (without the “installed on other pages” button).

An app toolbar of an app installed only on current page

This app toolbar doesn’t show the notification button because it’s currently only installed on one page

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