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Track Traffic with Google Analytics On Your Site

How to Add Google Analytics to Your Site

Would you like to add Google Analytics for your site, or another analytics services, to track key data about people visiting your site? Well you can, quite easily! Just follow these steps:

For Starters…

1. Create a Google Analytics Account

(If you already have an account go to step 2)
Click on this link: to create a new account.

2. In your Google Analytics account, click Admin and then “Add New Account”

Google Analytics account administration: new account

Add an account in Google Analytics administration panel

3. Fill out the requested information and agree with the terms and conditions

Set up the account with your info

The Code

4. Copy the Tracking Code

Google Analytics provides some code, you must copy it

Back in Your Site…

5. Log into your site and paste the code into your “Custom Analytics” field

Click on the "More" menu and then "URL & Custom Tracking Code"

Click on the “More” menu and then “URL & Custom Tracking Code”

Paste the code in the designated field

Once you have completed these steps, you will be ready to track your data from your Google Analytics account. If you use a different analytics service, you just need to copy the tracking code from the service and then paste it in the same field.


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About HTML Validation


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