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How to Add a Favicon

How to Add a Favicon

Add a Custom Favicon

With our website maker you can have your own favicon. In this article, you will learn how to add a custom favicon (shortcut/bookmark icon) to your site.

What’s a Favicon?

A favicon, is a small image which acts as a “little flag” for a website. It’s usually the logo or other representative image. It’s shown in the favorite/bookmark list, or on the tabs of tabbed-enabled browsers, right next to the name of the site.

An example of a Breezi favicon

How to Add It

Once logged into your site, go to the shelf > More, and click on “Favicon & Breezi Badge”.

The "Favicon & Breezi Badge" option from the More menu

Click on “Favicon & Breezi Badge” to select a new favicon

Here you can select an image from your hard drive. It can either be in a PNG, GIF or ICO format. And it must be 16×16 pixels.

Browse your computer for a favicon

How to Create a Favicon

If you have a different format file (or with measures other than 16×16 px), you can use this Dynamic Drive tool, good for generating favicons. Just go to that link, select an image from your computer that you want to turn into a 16×16 .ico icon file, and click “Create Icon”.

Back in Your Site…

Once you’ve selected a favicon, hit Save.

And that’s it, you can always come back to this option and update it if it needs changes.

Coming Soon…

New and amazing features like this are being developed and rolled out all the time! Check back often and get the most out of our system.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!