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Add, Edit and Remove Text Links

All About Text Links

Once you create a free website with our application you can easily create text links (and images), allowing your visitors to click through to another page on your site, or take them to another site all together. There are a few different options when you’re creating and editing links, and you can remove a link any time. Let’s go through some cases…

To Create a Text Link

 Highlight the text and then click the link icon.

Adding Text Links on Your Breezi Site

Once you click the link button, you’ll have the option to link to a page on your site (My Pages) or another URL. If you choose to link to an outside URL, make sure to include the full URL. You can also choose to have the link open in the same window or a new one.

Select Link Options

To change the color of a link’s default state and roll-over color, click anywhere in the linked text, click the color picker, then pick your colors.

Select Link Colors
Text Link Color Picker

To Edit an Existing Link

 Roll-over the link and click the pencil icon to edit it.

Edit Existing Text Link

To Delete an Existing Link

 Roll-over the link and click the un-link icon to remove the link.

Remove and Existing Text Link

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