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Add and Edit a Page at a Time on Your Website

Adding and Editing Pages

You can create and add as many pages as you’d like on your site; we recommend fully completing the homepage first in our application, then going through to create and edit one page at a time until your site is done. When you create a new page, all of the styles carry over from the page you’re on to the new one, and you can pick which shared apps you’d like to copy over too.

So, you should first go to the page on your site that is most similar to the one you’d like to create. Let’s go through the process and your options when creating pages:

To Create a New Page

Click “Pages” on the shelf (at the bottom) and then “Add Page”.

Next, enter a page title and complete the other field options (more on these in other articles):

Customize the options of the page

When you create a page, it will be a draft until you hit the publish button. Note, however, that all pages will be published when you click on that button, draft-pages are not stored individually. This means that you can’t keep a page a draft when you hit publish, they will go live all at the same time.

But, if there are no links to that page, your visitors won’t be able to find it or click anywhere to get there, until you provide the means (through a navigation menu, for example) to access it.

Also: learn about our page limit: you can create a maximum of 100 pages.

Copy App Versions From Current Page to the New One

Select which app versions you’d like to copy over to the new page (read the text in this window at the top).

Here you can select which apps to copy to the new page

The list of apps is grouped into blocks. You can identify them on the left side of your layout. Learn more about the block definer.

Deleting a Page

To delete a page, open the page menu on the shelf.

On the right side, there’s a pop-out menu with options for every page every page. Click on the engine and then on “Delete”.

The page menu, highlighting the delete button

You can delete a page from the Page menu, by clicking on the trash icon

Clicking it will open up a confirmation box. Once accepted, your page will be removed.

Note that there’s a blue indicator on the left side of the pages menu, that lets you know which page you’re currently on.

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