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Access, Add and Remove Apps

App Store

Update: there are new enhancements to the user interface for accessing and adding apps, click here to learn more  about the App Store!

How to Edit, Install and Delete Apps

All of the content on your site is managed through apps – moveable content modules – and we’re always thinking of new apps that we can create to give you more and more content possibilities and flexibility. To learn about the available apps, click here.

Apps are how all the content options are organized and managed in our application.

There are different apps for almost any type of content you can think of ranging from navigation menus, to text, images, videos, lead capture forms, social media feeds, galleries, carousels and more.

As you move around the page you’ll see apps highlight as you mouse over them, and the app controls display as well.

You can add and remove apps as needed whenever you’d like.

To Add/Install Apps

 Click in the Apps Store menu, go to an app, then click-hold-drag and drop the “Install New” button wherever you’d like on the page.

App Store with the Text app highlighted

Click and hold the “Install New” button, and drag it to a container in your layout

You’ll notice that when dragging, a container is highlighted in gray to indicate you can release your app there. Once you released, the app will be installed in that place.

To Duplicate (2x) any App

Mouse over an app on your page and clicking “2x”.

Duplicate App in Breezi

Note that you can not duplicate apps automatically throughout pages, you must manually duplicate them on each page.

To Remove any App

 Roll-over it and click the “X” icon.

Remove App in Breezi

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