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About the Internet Explorer Browser

In this post you will learn about limitations and disadvantages of the Internet Explorer browser, specially older versions.

For Your Visitors

Visitors of your site will be able to view and and access your content with all major browsers, including of course Internet Explorer and even mobile devices.

There may be some differences across different browsers, but this is normal and those differences shouldn’t be noticeable.

Sample image of different devices accessing a Breezi site

Your visitors can access your site with all major browsers and devices

For the Editor

Unfortunately, as the author/administrator of a site, you can’t access the site editor using any version of Internet Explorer (including IE 10). This is mainly because historically, versions of this browser have been known for not rendering standard/valid code correctly.

We don’t have plans for supporting newer versions of Internet Explorer as of now, but you can keep track of our upcoming features to stay up to date.

But don’t worry! You can easily switch to other modern and better browsers to be able to edit your site. Our advise: use Firefox.

Other Browsers

There are several browsers out there that you can use to edit your site with our web design tool. And once you’re there, for any browsing in general!

We recommend using the following browsers (download and install them from these links):

Logos of Firefox, Chrome and Safari

This image shows the logos of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari

They are faster and safer than Internet Explorer.

Specific Inconsistencies

Learn more about specific inconsistencies on our article about browser differences. The main differences that you may see on version of Internet Explorer are:

  • Rendering of fonts. This is not specific to Internet Explorer, all browsers (and operative systems) render fonts a bit differently.
  • Rounded corners. This feature is not supported on Internet Explorer 8 and below.
  • Text shadow. Versions 9 and lower of Internet Explorer do not support shadow on text.

Browser Usage

Here’s some statistics. The following graphic shows the top 10 browsers used to visit in August and September of 2012.

Browser usage statistics in Breezi

These are the top 10 browsers used to visit on August and September of 2012

As we can see, Internet Explorer is in fourth place with less than 3% of total visits for this period.

Now let’s take a look to the specific versions of Internet Explorer.

Usage of specific versions of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer versions used to visit our platform in August and September of 2012

The older (and very outdated) versions 6 and 5 are almost gone.

If you still prefer to use Internet Explorer for browsing or visiting your site, we recommend to update to the latest stable version. At the time of writing this, October 2012, the latest version is IE 9.

Only the Editor

And remember, you can continue to visit your site with IE, but you can’t access the editor with it.


Doubts or comments? Let us know below!