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Show a Time Countdown Until that Special Event

Do you have a special event happening in the future? Want to display a countdown timer until that event?

With the Countdown app, now you can!

Countdown App below related text

You can use this app to show a countdown to a special event

You can grab it out of the App Store like any other app.


Edit Settings button for the Countdown app

Clicking the wrench icon will open the settings panel

It has a few settings to customize:

  • Orientation: horizontal/vertical
  • Smallest Unit: days/hours/minutes/seconds
  • Labels: for days/hours/minutes/seconds
  • Separator: (custom character)
  • Time Zone: (select one)
  • Countdown date: Month/Day/Year (mm/dd/yyyy, example: 02/31/2020)
  • Countdown Hour and Minute: if you want to set a specific time, besides the date
The settings panel preview of the Countdown app

You can customize the Countdown app in several ways through its settings


The orientation will allow you to choose whether you want to display it in a horizontal row or a vertical column.

If you choose minutes for smallest unit, you won’t see the seconds displayed on your Countdown app.

You can choose a different label for days, hours, minutes or seconds. That is if you want to use a fancier word such as “Moons” instead of days, or in a different language.

The separator can be a custom character like any of the following: “| > * ” or even a letter.


You can choose the time zone that applies to the place in the world where the event is happening.

And of course, the most important: you’re able to choose the exact date (and even time of day) when you want the countdown to stop. That is when the actual event is happening.


You can also customize the Countdown with the Style Dots. Choose background and text colors, spacing, corner radius and more, depending on each Dot.

Style Dots for the Countdown App

You can choose from any of these Styling Dots to customize the colors of your Countdown

Remember to activate the Dots on the Design Mode menu, otherwise you won’t see the Dots.

The Dots activated on the Design Mode menu

Design Mode allows you to select if you want some controls visible, including Style Dots


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