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What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Site

This video presents an outline of how our application works, and the main capabilities you have in creating your new custom website.

When you are editing your site, mousing around the page layout will cause apps, columns, sections, and blocks to outline. To edit content within your apps, just double click.


Video Transcript

Or platform is a website builder that fixes mistakes & gives you inspiration while you design.

Once you’ve signed up, you’re taken right into our powerful visual editor.

As you move your mouse around the screen, you can simply double click any area of content to make changes. Whether it’s text, an image, video, or other content, anytime you see the pencil icon, just double click.

All of the content on your site is organized and managed through our growing library of Apps, ranging from blocks of text, to images, videos, galleries, forms, social media feeds, e-commerce, blogging, and much more. You can access, preview, and add Apps from the App Store. For apps already on your page, you can easily edit the content and settings, and move them around wherever you’d like. To remove an app, just click the “x”.

App Store to access and manage apps in Breezi

The most versatile app is the text app, which gives you a powerful WYSIWYG editor, and you can even insert images and videos within your text.

You’ll also notice that as you mouse around, dots display, which outline different areas of the page. These are called Style Dots, and each one gives you pixel level control over a particular part of the page. Styles include spacing, backgrounds, shadows, rounded corners, gradients, and much more…letting you fully customize the design of your site. You can also save style dot profiles to reuse them later, and use the Bulk Style Editor to create consistency in your design quickly.

Get pixel level control over your website design with Breezi's style dots

You can also precisely tailor the layout of your pages with the Layout Builder. Easily add or remove blocks and sections on the page, and also add or merge columns within sections. You can also adjust column widths to the exact dimensions you’d like. Apps can easily be dragged and dropped anywhere within your page layout, and they automatically resize to fit the space.

Set the exact page layouts you'd like with the Layout Builder

But what really sets us apart is it’s ability to fix your mistakes and give you inspiration as you design your site. Use the Cleaner to correct style inconsistencies. Preview your site in hundreds of different Color Paletts. Stuck on content? Try importing our full-page Content Sets. And use the Shuffler to flip through different skins, without effecting your content or layout. The possibilities are endless, and you have complete control over your site as we help guide you along the way.

If you ever have questions, check out our help area, browse our how-to guides, and feel free to submit a ticket if you need our assistance.

Thanks again for choosing us!