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What You’ll Learn

Here you we’ll go over the basics of text and image editing.

The majority of our apps are edited in place, which means you see the page how your users will see it in their browser.

Editing Text

For changing text, just double click on the app you’d like to modify, and start typing or deleting undesired text.

Editing Images

In the case of images, mouse over the one you want to edit and double click. Then you are presented with options such as adding a link, alt attributes, or to replacing it.

Video Transcript

Almost all of the apps in our system are edit-in-place – whenever you see the pencil icon, you simply double click on whichever content you’d like to edit to start making changes.

For example, double click an area of text, and use the WYSIWYG editor to apply formatting, and insert links, images, and videos within the text if you’d like.

To edit an image, just double click to access the image editor. Here you can replace the image, crop and resize it, link it to another page, and add alt tags if you’d like.