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Video Transcript

Let’s go over the different style options you have when designing your site. First, Style Dots let you control the design of specific areas on your page, including custom backgrounds, spacing, gradients, shadows, rounded corners, and much more. You can style every granular detail of your site using the Style Dots, and you can save your Dot Profiles and reuse them.  For example, we can save this dot profile for a button, and then apply the same styles for another instance of the Button app by loading that dot profile.

In addition, the Bulk Style Editor lets you apply multiple styles at one time, to defined areas on your page. This is a great tool for quickly standardizing your styles for text, images, button, or entire blocks, sections, columns or apps on your page.

And last but certainly not least, you can also apply Skins to your pages, which are full or partial sets of styles that can be applied without it effecting your content or layout at all. You can preview and apply our pre-designed skins, and you can also create and save your own custom skins as well!

We have released the Bulk Style Editor. With it, you can edit the styling of multiple items (apps, text, containers, etc) at the same time and from a single panel! Check it out, it will help you design faster.


Now you can hide the Style Dots when you’re done styling up, so they don’t interfere with your workflow. It also improves speed! Check out the Design Mode options.