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Video Transcript

You can have up to 100 pages with your site, and to access them just click Pages from the Shelf. If you mouse over an existing page, you can click Page Settings to update the title, meta data and other options. And you can click “Create” to start a new page. So I’ll go ahead and enter a Page Title here, and then go down and add some meta keywords for search terms I’m targeting, and complete a meta description as well – all of these fields can help with your SEO if optimized properly.

On the next screen, you can choose which apps from the page you were just on that you’d like to carry over to your new page. It’s usually a good idea to keep the same versions of the header and footer apps at least, and in this case I’m going to keep them all.

The important thing to note on your newly created page is that all of the apps that you carried over are shared versions, meaning that if you update them on this new page, the content will also update on the other page or pages the app version is on. And you can see this by mousing over the app toolbar with the icon showing the app is on other pages.

So let’s add some new apps for our new page. You can duplicate existing apps, which keeps all of the styles, and you can simply delete the other version and edit the content of the new version. It’s a good idea to go into the App Store and name your app versions properly so you can stay organized.

You can also preview and install new apps from the App Store, to start to bring your new page to life with original content.