Our platform is almost entirely white labeled, so your brand will be the focus of attention at all times. Here are the key places you can customize with your logo and company information, which your site admins will see:

Your Own Domain

All of the websites will start out by default as subdomains of the top level domain you pick to use (i.e. site.YourDomain.com).

Full Brand Control Over Sites

You can set the branded design of every pixel on your websites, through the Master Site.

Branded Login Screen

Site admins will see your logo when they log in to manage their websites.

Custom Welcome Email Template

Customize the email your site admins receive when their new website is authorized, giving them login access.

Your Own Branded Training Video

When site admins log in for the first time, they’ll see your custom branded training or welcome video.

You can even create your own fully branded sign-up process, and have new sites automatically created using our API. If you have any questions about white labeling please let us know!