There are several different options for how websites can be created in your account, which are outlined below. You can also choose whether or not new sites are authorized automatically, or if you will authorize sites manually. When a new site is authorized, the site admin receives a welcome email with their login information, which you can customize in your account settings.

You Create the Websites

If you’d like to manually create the websites for your site admins, as opposed to letting them sign up and thus automating the process, you can do it in one of two ways:

1. One-by-One Site Creation

From your admin dashboard, you can simply enter an email address to create a new website.

2. Bulk Site Creation

Need to create many sites at once? Just paste a list of email addresses into the Site Creator, and one new website will be created per email.

Let Them Sign-Up

If you need to let people sign-up for a website, there are two ways that you can offer this option.

1. Default Sign-up Page

Your account comes with a default website sign-up page, which is automatically set up at In your account settings you can choose whether or not to be notified when someone signs up, and if new sites will be authorized automatically or manually.

2. Custom Sign-up Process Using API

Need to create your own fully branded, customized sign-up page? No problem! We offer a very simple API which you can use to generate new websites after someone signs up through your custom page.