So, who should consider using Breezi Multisite? Here are examples of some of the most common use cases:

Financial Services

Personalized websites for reps to built trust with customers, educate prospects, and gain leads and referrals.

Agents & Resellers

Whether for direct sales distributors, VARs, or agents, customizable websites help expand lead generation & sales.


Agent websites to offer policy info., generate leads and repeat business, and create personal customer relationships.

Franchises & Dealers

Local franchisee or dealer websites to market products & services, foster trusting customer relationships, and increase leads.

Real Estate

Websites for real estate agents to display updated property info., create multi-media listings, and capture leads.

National Brands

For political parties, retailers, healthcare organizations & more, custom websites for people or locations strengthen the brand.

Sports Teams & Leagues

Microsites for your players or coaches, or sites for each team in your league.

Schools & Universities

Department websites, sites for the schools in a district, or even for classes in a school.

The Sky’s The Limit…

Breezi’s multisite platform is very versatile, and although the examples above cover a wide range of organizations, there are certainly others.

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