Chances are that Breezi’s multisite solution is not the right fit for your needs if you fall into one of the following categories:

Ad Agencies

Our multisite solution is meant to manage a network of sites that are related to one another, giving you top-level control over all of the sites, and the ability to apply changes to them easily. Hypothetically you could use it to create websites for your clients, and make them the site admins; however most of the top-level controls we offer will not be useful in this case, since these controls effect ALL of the sites on your account, not specific sites you designate.

We will soon release the ability to manage multiple Breezi sites from one account, however, which will be a great solution for you!

Hosting Companies

Want to offer all of your hosting customers a premium website builder with all of Breezi’s capabilities? Well, although our multisite platform is not for you, we’re developing control panel plugins (starting with cPanel) specifically for web hosts to offer Breezi to customers through! Click here to learn more.

Affiliate Marketers

If you’re an affiliate marketer, chances are you’re constantly creating and managing multiple websites. Our multisite solution is not a good fit for your needs, however. But, as mentioned above, we’re soon releasing a feature to let Breezi users manage multiple websites through their one account, whereby each site is managed independently.

We’re also rolling out an affiliate program soon, so you’ll be able to generate commissions on any new customers you refer who upgrade to a paid account!

Not Sure if Breezi Multisite is For You?

If your type of organization doesn’t remotely fit in any of the use cases outlined, and it’s not listed above, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Just click Contact Sales below and complete the form, and we’ll follow up with you ASAP.