The Master Site can be fully customized to match your organization’s brand and display your content exactly the way you’d like. You have full control over the look and feel, number of pages, page layouts, apps, content, and access controls for site admins. The Master Site is non-public facing, and serves two main purposes:

  1. The Starting Point for All Sites
    When any new website is created in your account, it is a replicated version of the current Master Site. The number of pages, layouts, styles, apps, content, and control settings are all copied over to the newly created site from the Master Site.
  2. Set & Manage Top-Level Controls
    The Master Site is also where you can set controls over what your site admins have access to editing on their websites. For example, you can restrict access to managing certain apps, disable style controls, lock the position of apps in the layout, and more. You can also push down changes from your Master Site to the network of sites in your account.