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Wow Customers Without Risk

Wow Customers Without Risk

Give customers the most easy-to-use and powerful site builder, without the risk of losing them to covert competitors.

Drive Revenue Growth

Drive Revenue Growth

Earn commissions on all account upgrades, and see higher adoption & conversion rates with Breezi compared to other tools.

Increase Retention

Increase Retention

Customers are sick of low-quality, convoluted cPanel site builders. Give them real value with Breezi, while strengthening loyalty & retention.

Outmaneuver Competitors

Outmaneuver Competitors

99% of web hosts offer antiquated website builders, or ones that cannibalize their business. Join the 1%, partner with Breezi today.

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Try Breezi’s cPanel Plugin by Following the Steps Below

Log into the WHM root account via SSH, then enter the following four commands, one by one, in order:

tar -xvzf cpanel.tar.gz
cd breezi-cpanel

Have questions? Read FAQs below & watch this walk-through video! You can always contact us at or 510.883.3035

Want to get more familiar with Breezi?

Design Shuffler

Need some new ideas? Not sure what to try? This revolutionary feature can take any site as-is and generates thousands of new styles for you to preview on your site, live. It can factor in everything from font-pairings, to margins & paddings, to color palettes. Learn More...

Design Cleaner

Before Cleaner After Cleaner

Edit What You See In Place!

At Breezi we have revamped the website design & publishing experience with a news spin on the website creator. We placed the design and publishing control where it belongs, at your fingertips. With our intuitive web design app you can design a business website without coding plus you control the entire design of your site down to the granular level. You can change your layout, edit your styles, and update content, all within the same instance which makes Breezi a true visual editor for designing websites.

intuitive website editor



Skins are a set of styles that you can apply to your site at any point of your site design and creation process. When you apply a skin, you don't have to redo any of your layout, content or structure so you can change your mind as many times you'd like. Skins can be previewed on any of your pages. As an advanced Breezi designer you can create your own skin! Learn More...

Responsive Without Effort

Your responsive website will automatically adapt its width & layout to display nicely on any mobile device or tablet! All the apps and functionality used in your site will be responsive to work on tablet and mobile devices without any modifications from you Learn More...

spinner screen ipad
spinner screen iphone
spinner screen bb

Fast Loading Sites

We know how critical it is that your website loads fast. That's why we've built an advanced caching system that serves up your site immediately when someone visits your URL, removing any bottlenecks that could slow down the load time. Learn More...

Your Own Domain + No Storage or Bandwidth Limits

You can use any domain you’d like with your Breezi site! Your email, ftp, etc. is all where it was before you met Breezi. Our hosting has no storage or bandwidth limits. You only point your website to our servers, or you can use your own hosting account if you'd like! Learn More...

use your own domain


Need to capture customer info right from your site? With Breezi site creator you can either have the form display directly on your site or have it display in a modal. Just drag and drop the Forms App on your page, customize your settings and you're ready to go! You’ll get an email once a lead comes in, which you can view right in your email or go to your inquiries areas within your app at any time. Learn More...

create form app

As Many Pages As You’d Like!

When you create a new page, you can quickly copy over apps from your previous page to make your creation process smoother. Using app versioning, you can quickly make a single modification that gets applied to all your pages! Learn More...

custom pages

SEO Control & Automatic Sitemaps

Breezi automatically creates a Google sitemap for every site and allows you to set your own meta tags and page url with every page you create! You can even create pages that you can hide from search engines! Learn More...

seo app

Custom Tracking Codes

Use a tracking code from your favorite analytics program like Google Analytics to include with your site. Just copy and paste it right there! Learn More...

analytics tracking

Great Support & Live Chat

We have Live Chat available directly within Breezi for users. When we’re not right there, you can always email us at to get help with anything you might need. Additionally, you can access our knowledgebase to read up and get the help! Learn More...

complete site support

CSS Classes Without Code!

Dot profiles are very similar to css classes but they are fully visual. You can create a "profile" by just saving a few style settings and then linking other objects to have the same styles! Learn More...

Embed Stuff

We can’t do everything for you, but what we can do is allow you to embed functionality from other applications within your Breezi site. Use the Embed app to embed what you need! You can also embed any forms from MailChimp, ConstantContact or any other newsletter management service that provides embed codes, Making Breezi the perfect app for designers. Learn More...

Sync Website via FTP, Google Drive or Dropbox

Want to create a backup of your site, or move it to a separate hosting account? No problem! With our Sync feature, you can enter an FTP account you've set up, and your website files will automatically sync to the directory you choose. You can also sync your website to a Google Drive or Dropbox account. You can sync your site updates on-demand anytime! Learn More...

Style & Content Propagation

Take all the styles you grouped in the Bulk Style Editor for your text, images, buttons & containers, and propagate them to every page on your site! Need all of your body copy to be certain size, color, and font style? Or maybe you'd like a 2 pixel light gray border around every image, with a subtle drop shadow? It's a piece of cake to make these changes apply to specific pages or through your entire website! Learn More...

Content Sets

If you're stuck creating the right content for your site, check out our Content Sets! You'll find complete content for the apps that make sense for specific types of websites, including text, images, and more. Import Content Sets with one or more complete pages, and look out for many more coming soon! Learn More...

Bulk Style Editor

The Bulk Style Editor lets you group specific styles you select - for text, buttons, images, and various containers - and apply them to different blocks of your pages in bulk. This lets you move through styling your site more quickly, and also helps keep the design of your pages consistent. Learn More...

Over 500 Fonts!

We've integrated the full library of Google Web Fonts so you can pick from hundreds of fonts for your website! Learn More...

font library

For Content Heavy Apps... CMS View!

Breezi optimizes the editing experience depending on the app. If you're editing an app like the Projects or Blog app, you can focus on just editing your content in the CMS view, instead of focusing on the design elements. You can easily edit most content right on your page, just by double clicking to modify text, images, videos, forms & more.

Build Any Layout!

You can take any of our layouts within Breezi website editor and change them to be just right for you. A Layout Builder like no other and all you have to do is drag your mouse over any column lines and you’ll be able to drag it back and forth. With this simple functionality you can get just the right width for your columns and then position your apps in exactly the right place. And since the apps all conform to the space that you place them in, you can get your site looking perfect in no time. Learn More...

App Management & Versioning

All of Breezi's apps are at your fingertips through the App Store! See a preview of each app, learn which pages your app versions are used on, rename versions of your apps, and drag-and-drop them onto any page. If you ever need to remove an app from your pages and/or the App Store itself, there's also an uninstall & delete option. Learn More...

Serious Style Control

Seriously. That heading needs to be 2 pixels lower, right? That line-height is definitely off. You gotta fix that. Want to round off that corner by just a hair? How about fixing the blur on that drop-shadow? It’s important, we know. We've provided you with all of those controls inside our unique website design tool and then some. Just click any dot to explore the possibilities! Learn More...

design and style control

Only $12/mo or 16¢/minute

Yes, you get every single feature + you can use your own domain for this super affordable price!

Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE - We now allow hosting partners to resell Breezi directly to customers through their hosting plans. Click here for the simple site creation modal you can add on your site after collecting payment, or here for our advanced site creation API. We’ll just need to add your server IP(s) so your customers’ sites are flagged as paid. Please email us with questions and for more information:

What’s the breakdown of the various billing / integration options?

Self Charge Referrer Own Installation
Who It’s For For hosting companies that want to provide a website builder with their current packages and own the billing component. For hosting companies that want to just offer the solution but not integrate it heavily. Only suggested for companies that really need to emphasize their brand.
Billing Model You charge your customers and we charge you for the total number of sites on a monthly basis (prorating where it applies). We charge the users directly and you get paid a recurring commision on a monthly basis. See more details here There is normally an installation fee + a per site fee. If you plan to create more than 8,000 sites, we can setup a dedicated server for you.
Suggested Workflow Bundle Breezi with one of your hosting packages and pre-charge for the site, because you will be charged for all the sites that under your account. Just share the link wherever you can share it. You’re just trying to maximize for reach. Contact us
Cost Per Site $9/mo Volume pricing is available. Contact us for more info. $9/mo Contact us
Support / Documentation We handle it. See We handle it. See You need to create your own starting points and documentation.
Multilingual Support Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Single Sign-on Available (contact us) Not offered Available (contact us)
Branding Breezi Breezi Your Own
Integration Options * Site creation API
* cPanel plugin
* iFrame Signup form option
* Site creation API
* cPanel plugin
* iFrame Signup form option
* Site creation API
* Basic signup form
* iFrame Signup form option
To Get Started See the “Integration Option” articles above. You can use any of those options to get started. Signup here Contact us

What’s the business model, and how does pricing work?

All customers can start out with a free 14 day trial, which gives them full access to Breezi’s robust website creation, design and management platform. Customers can upgrade at any time to Breezi Pro for $9/month, and you get revenue sharing commissions on a recurring basis.

Are there licensing fees or required minimums for becoming a partner?

No. There’s virtually no overhead to becoming a Breezi hosting partner and offering our premium website builder to your customers.

This is yet another big difference between Breezi and competiting website builders – most either require steep licensing fees, monthly minimums, or other risky lock-ins.

We’re looking to build value with our partners, and we really care about our relationship with you and your customers. Breezi’s quality speaks for itself, and you’ll see this based on customer adoption. But if customers are slow to catch on for whatever reason, there’s no harm done.

For the Breezi Pro upgrade, do customers pay through our billing system or yours’?

Upgrading to Breezi Pro happens through Breezi’s secure payment gateway, the same way that many popular cPanel plugins work for upgrade options, like Attracta and CloudFlare.

You’ll have complete visibility into all transactions at all times, and customers can cancel their plan at any time.

How can I see how many customers have upgraded?

You’ll have a reporting dashboard, directly accessible through your WHM account, where you can see how many customers have upgraded, and the associated revenue sharing commissions you’ve earned.

Can customers cancel their plan after upgrading?

If a customer is not satisfied with the added value from Breezi, they can cancel their plan entirely at any time – no questions asked!

What’s my revenue sharing commission percentage?

You’ll receive 20% revenue sharing commissions on every recurring transaction from your customers – and 10% on your resellers’ customers – who upgrade (resellers can also opt-in to earn 20% commissions for their customers’ upgrades). You can see the revenue sharing details in the Partner Agreement you’ll accept upon opting in for the program via WHM, after you’ve installed the plugin. If you have a high volume customer base, contact Navid to discuss a custom partnership arrangement and/or premium revenue sharing commission rates. You can track your commissions through the Breezi Revenue Tracking Portal in WHM, and you’ll be paid out monthly via PayPal payments.

Do I install Breezi on my servers? How does it work?

There’s nothing to install but our simple cPanel plugin, because our actual website editing platform remains hosted on our side. You simply run the Breezi cPanel install commands listed above, and the plugin is made available to all cPanel user accounts on the server.

This setup enables us to deploy new features and enhancements on a very regular basis, which your customers can take advantage of immediately without you ever needing to perform maintenance or updates.

Do customers download anything to use Breezi?

No, Breezi’s website editor is online and there are no downloads required.

Will Breezi compete with services I offer? I don’t want to hand my customers over to you.

Breezi does not market competing hosting services, and thus we do not compete with our partners. We are 100% dedicated to developing and continually innovating the world’s leading premium website creation, design and management platform.

And this is a critical distinction between Breezi and competing website builders. Almost every other website builder directly markets hosting services in their retail offerings, posing a very real competitive threat to the web hosts they supposedly “partner” with.

Even with “white label” versions of such site builders, there are always branding and support loopholes, and it opens a huge vulnerability for hosting companies to lose customers and cannibalize their business unknowingly.

Is there a white label version I can install on my servers?

No. We are big believers that transparency is very important to cultivating customer trust, and it’s short-sighted to deceive customers by masking the identity of the underlying products they’re using.

For software products that are not updated frequently, or are intended for white label wholesale distribution entirely from the beginning, white labeling can be effective. But for modern website builders with both retail and wholesale distribution channels, white labeling is a bad idea and a slippery slope to losing customers.

How does support work? Do you handle support or do we?

We handle support directly through the website editor, so customers can seamlessly get answers whenever questions come up. And we’re fanatical about making sure every customer is responded to quickly and courteously.

Naturally some of your customers will inquire about Breezi through your support, but you can always politely connect them directly with us. This relieves your support team from having to become product experts on Breezi, which is very difficult to manage with any third party tool because of regular updates and new features.

Can I offer prospective customers a trial before they sign-up for a hosting package?

We currently do not have a process in place allowing customers to try Breezi and then be forwarded back to a host’s website to sign-up for a hosting account. But this is something we hope to make available soon.

I’d like to become a partner, what’s the next step?

Install the cPanel plugin following the commands listed above, and then you’ll see “Breezi Hosting Partners” in your WHM account under Plugins in the left sidebar – this is where you can sign up for our partnership program.

Note: You’ll be given an Affiliate ID after you sign-up. Make sure you save this ID in the “Breezi Hosting Partners” page in WHM for every server you install the plugin on, so we can track all sales back to you.

You can also email Navid at about any additional questions you’d like to discuss.

Do you offer marketing materials so I can announce and promote Breezi to my customers?

Yes indeed! Head over to our Hosting Partner Marketing Materials & Checklist page to find email templates, copy, images, and more.

I installed the plugin, but there’s an issue with the FTP Sync…

9 times out of 10 this is because your server is blocking our IP addresses for some reason. Make sure that the following IP addresses are white listed:

If you’re still having problems, please use the Live Chat on this page between 9-6pm CDT, or email so we can look into it for you.