App Toolbar

  • New Entry:

    Add a new entry in the App you're on

  • Inquiries:

    See the forms submitted through the App

  • App Settings:

    Adjust different settings on certain Apps

  • Pages App Is On:

    Find out which other pages the version of your App is on

  • Duplicate:

    Make an exact copy of the selected App

  • Edit in CMS:

    For content-heavy Apps, click this pencil to edit in the CMS panel

  • Drag App:

    Click, hold, drag & release to move Apps

  • Remove App:

    Delete an App from the page you're on

Double Click to Edit

  • Whenever you see this icon, just double click to edit the content

Editing Styles

  • Click any dot to see the styles you can customize on that area of the page

Adding Links

  • Highlight text or an image, click this icon,
    and link to another page or outside URL

Customize Page Layouts

  • Mouse over a column separator, then click & drag this icon right or left to resize

  • Add a full horizontal block on your page, which can have sections within it

  • Add a new section within the block that you're currently on

  • Split a column into two, or merge two columns into one

Resizing Images or Videos

  • Mouse over an image or video, then click
    & drag the lower right corner to resize it

Preview Your Site

  • Hide editing controls to preview your site anytime

Re-Order Entries

  • Use this option to re-order your entries in the App you're editing

Get Help

  • Click here to search our help portal or get support