Breezi, on Your Servers

As Many Sites<br/>As You'd Like

As Many Sites
As You'd Like

Pricing is paid per server, not how many sites you create. So you can create as many as you'd like!

Continuous <br/>Updates!


You get all the the feature and bug fixes of the regular Breezi platform but on your servers.



We can maintain Breezi on your server or you can lease a server from us that we would manage for you.



We'll help you get setup and integrate Breezi with your app. Auto-login, site creation, billing and custom apps!

Start @ 3K/mo

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's this for?

Usually use cases where you have very large volume (in the thousands) of sites.

How can I get a quote?

Contact us

How can I try it?

You can't really. Since the app is the same as regular Breezi, just click Test Drive on the homepage to see the app.

Will the site be completely hosted on my servers as well as the editor?


How does the licensing work?

In a gist, It is confined to the server you purchase. That means that it cannot find its way anywhere else. You're not allowed to copy, reverse engineer, distribute, sell, transfer, share, or in any way transmit it to any other persons. You'll be asked to signup the licensing agreement before we setup your server.

Are there discounts if I use multiple servers?

Yes. Please contact us for that.

Can I charge what I want for the sites?

Yes, but you would need to have it be bundled with some other services or features that you provide. It cannot be just Breezi as a standalone service charged at a lower or higher price. We usually need to review this on a case by case basis.

Will the sites use subdomains by default?

No, they will use a url that you set. You'll need to setup a wildcard dns record for that domain.

Can I modify the Breezi code in any way?


What's the duration of the agreement?

Minimum of 6 months commitment.

How much setup work can you help us with?

You could contact us so we can figure out the best way to approach it.

My use case is for less than a thousand sites, could I use this still?

Yes, you can.

How many sites can I fit on a server?

Depends on the hardware but generally, you could probably fit a few thousand sites on a amazon's large instance.

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