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World’s First Design Engine

Yesterday we took over the homepage of our web tool to announce the release of our upcoming design engine.

It’s a huge step for us because we will start to do most of your work in terms of actually “designing” your site. That is arguably most of the work that anyone does when creating their site besides content.

What do we mean by “design engine”?

We’ve created something that can take your inputs in terms of color, use case, imagery and be able to generate millions of design results on the fly. That’s what we mean by design engine.

I won’t tell you exactly how we’re going about this problem but what I can tell you is that if you have good taste but don’t know how to design, you will love it.

We’re excited

Well, it’s the world’s first attempt at a design engine. Never before have you been able to give a machine some basic hints and get hundreds of results that match your taste. You’ll be able to drill down or stay broad. And of course, any design comes with all the super powerful editing features from our editor. That means that you can keep it just like that or edit every single part.

Some history

When we set out to build our program, the idea was to created a guided design experience. That meant that we wanted to help you design without requiring you to know the fundamentals of design. Here an example: when you change your font size, your line height would change along with it or when you change your text color, we’d check for legibility.

Those were just parts of it but the larger idea was to connect all of those decisions so you could make incremental choices yourself and end up with something that looked unique but didn’t require you to understand the fundamental math behind design.

So that was the dream. It turned out that you need a lot of standardization under the hood to be able to do something like we dreamed of. That took a long time. It took 2 years to develop, was released in a super premature beta in 2012 and finally came out of beta in october of 2012. In the past few months we were able to finally start dreaming up how to help guide the user on how to design.

This is what this new release is about.

When will it be released?

Monday, the 29th of April.

What does this mean for current users?

Nothing inside of the editor will change. So you guys have nothing to worry about.


Our design engine’s design possibilities will increase with time so be patient with us as we perfect this beast. This doesn’t mean that we’re going to release something half-baked. Just that we think 30 billion possibilities is good enough for beta. We want to see how you like this to know if we’re really providing you value or not. Your feedback is very important to us.


You can signup to get notified on our homepage. We’ll put up a video previewing the design engine on Wednesday the 24th.

As a personal note, I’d truly appreciate it if you do like what we do, tell everyone you know about it.
Thank you so much,