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Breezi Website Creation Guide: Think About What You’d Like to Showcase

We’ve released several new updates since this guide was created, including a new App Store, and an updated content editing method (double click to edit any content). Updated video coming soon!

Sure, creating and designing an amazing site with Breezi is pretty simple, but even the best tools won’t build a site for you (and they shouldn’t). You still have to add your own content, and wield your design chops in creating the pixel-perfect website you envisioned. That takes a little time and effort, and sometimes you may get stuck.

Don't get stuck creating your website with Breezi

Worry not! With this 4-part step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to get yourself on track and launch your new Breezi site in no time. Let’s get started.

We suggest completing one full page at a time, starting with the homepage, after you have a general idea of the different pages you’d like on your site. The first step is organizing your content and figuring out which Breezi Apps you’d like to use.

Consider the Content You’d Like to Showcase

Breezi website builder content planning

What types of content would you like to display on the page? Will you have a logo and navigation menu in the header, an image gallery, videos, and different areas of text for descriptions, titles, and so forth? Will you want to display a Twitter or Facebook feed, or maybe multiple social media icons to link out to your social profiles? Take inventory of your content, and then save and organize your text and image files into folders and sub-folders on your computer.

Tip: For video URLs, social media profiles, and other links, you can add them all in a text file for reference later, and place the file in your organized content folders.

Organizing your content into files for your Breezi site

Remove Apps You Don’t Need

Now, log into your Breezi account, and look over the starting point you picked when you signed up. See Apps you don’t actually need on the page? Remove them! Just click the “X” when you rollover any of the Apps that you don’t need to start out. Don’t worry, you can always add them back later if you need to.

Tip: Don’t like the starting point you picked? Don’t worry you can start over if you’d like.

Removing apps in Breezi

Add Apps You Need That Aren’t On the Page

After you remove the Apps you don’t need from the page, look over the content you have planned for this page and think about which Apps you need that aren’t there yet. You can see a preview of how all of the Apps work right in the Apps panel, by mousing over the “eye” icons for each app. Don’t worry too much about placement right now, we’ll cover layout in the next step. You may need to add and remove a few different Apps until you find the right ones that will display your content nicely.

See default state preview of apps in app store

Congrats! Once you’ve planned your content, and then removed and added the Apps you’ll need on your page, you’ve finished step 1 and you’re ready to move onto the next step: Customizing the Layout.

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