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Breezi Website Creation Guide: Start Designing the Look & Feel

We’ve released several new updates since this guide was created, including the Bulk Style Editor and style propagation per app. Updated video coming soon!

Hopefully by now your page already has all of the Apps you’d like to use to display your content, and you’ve customized the layout to your liking. Depending on the track you chose, you may have added content already.

Now, it’s time to apply styles, so you can design the page exactly how you want it to look.

Add Backgrounds to Different Areas of the Page

Applying a background on your page

A good first step in styling your page is to select backgrounds for the different main areas. With the background style dots, you can select a solid color, apply a gradient, choose from our library of background image options, or upload your own. If you choose a background image or upload your own, you can then choose settings if you’d like the background to repeat or be displayed a certain way.

Style Your Content with the Dots & WYSIWYG Editor

styling content using the WYSIWYG editor

Depending on the Apps you’ve used, there are a number of different ways that you can modify the design of the content. For text, for example, you can use the WYSIWYG toolbar to adjust the font style, size, kerning and line spacing, color, and other formatting options. For images and videos, you can easily resize them, add a border, rounded corners, adjust spacing, and make other design tweaks.

Fine-tune the Design Until it’s Pixel-Perfect!

Using the style dots to design your page with pixel-level control

Now you can continue diving into the style dots, applying granular design adjustments to get the look and feel of your page just the way you’d like. For example, you can change spacing, apply background colors, change opacity, add rounded corners, and more on Apps, columns, and larger areas of content. Each dot controls a specific part of the page, from small buttons and headings to full backgrounds, so move your mouse around and explore the options through the dots.

Depending on how you’ve approached creating your site, you may have already added all of your content, or you may still have some left to add to complete your page. If you need to revisit any of the other steps in this 4-part guide to finish up your site, here’s a quick reference to the other steps:

Think About What You’d Like to Showcase

Bring it to Life with Your Own Content

Lay Out Your Content