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Breezi Website Creation Guide: Customize the Layout

The Layout menu described below has been removed. You can fully customize your page layouts however you’d like with the Layout Builder. Updated video coming soon!

Continuing our step-by-step guide to creating a website with Breezi, this step is focused on customizing the page layout. If you’re reading this, you’ve hopefully already planned and organized your content for the page you’re working on, and have the right Apps in place. But chances are your page is looking a bit jumbled, so let’s get right to cleaning up the structure of the page, placement of the Apps, and sizing up those columns just right!

Customize the Page Layout

Use Layout Builder to customize the layouts of your pages

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the content you’d like to have on the page and you’ve added the right Apps, use the Layout Builder to customize the layout of your page to your liking.

The Layout Builder lets you add and remove entire blocks, sections, and columns on your page, and you can also click on any column separator and drag it to resize the width of columns.

Move Your Apps Into Place

Move Apps into place on the page

Next you’ll want to move your Apps into place on the page, so that the layout starts to make sense based on where you’d like certain content to display. You can click, drag and drop Apps into the page layout you selected to move them into the right places. You may need to try a few different placements of your Apps until you start to see the layout you envisioned come to life.

Tip: You may realize there are still a few Apps that you need to add or remove, so feel free to do that as you go.

Adjust Column Widths

Adjust column widths to get the right sizing in the layout

Some of the Apps may need a bit more or less space in the layout you’re using, and you may want to adjust the column widths in the different areas of the page. To do this, mouse over the handlers where columns are divided, and then click, hold and drag the handler right or left to adjust the sizing.

Add Sections & Containers, Add or Merge Columns & More

You can add and merge columns with the new Layout Builder

With the newly added Layout Builder, you can add or remove entire sections and containers, as well as add and merge columns and more very easily. Learn more about the Layout Builder here.

After you’ve set the layout the way you’d like, and your Apps are in the right places on the page, you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Breezi website creation guide next step options

There are two options for how to finish your page from here. You can add content next, and then finish by applying all of the styles to design your page. Or you can jump right into styling to get the design looking nice, and finish with adding content last.

Pick the option below that works best for you!

Add Content, Then Design or

Design First, Then Add Content