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Breezi Website Creation Guide: Bring it to Life with Your Own Content

We’ve released several new updates since this guide was created, including a new App Store, and an updated content editing method (double click to edit any content). Updated video coming soon!

So, by now you’ve picked your Apps, have gotten your page layout to a good point, and you may have even started applying styles to design your page, depending on which track of the guide you picked. You’re ready to move onto adding content to your Apps!

Start with the Header & Work Down the Page

Breezi header image example
Since most if not all of the pages on your site should share the same identical header, it’s easiest to start there. In most cases, you’ll have a logo or heading, and possibly a navigation menu, some text, and maybe even a call to action button or social media links. This will vary depending on your design approach and content.

Add Your Own Content Through the Apps

Add content to the body Apps that make up your page

Working down the page, you can start adding your content into the Apps that will make up the body of your page. Whether you have text, headings, images, videos, social media feeds, a blog or other content you’d like to display using the Apps you’ve added, you can double click to add your own content. 

Create Links with Text and Images

Adding hyperlinks in your content

If you need to create links within any of your content, for text you can simply highlight the text, click the link icon, enter your link or select a page to link to, and then choose to open in a new window or the same window. You can adjust the default and rollover colors of a link by highlighting it and selecting the color picker. You can also link images by clicking on an image, and selecting the link option.

Linking an image

Once you’ve added all of your content into the Apps, you’re almost done with this page! If you haven’t already started, you should now move onto applying styles so that you can design your page with the look and feel you’d like to see.

If you need to revisit any of the other steps in this 4-part guide to finish up your site, here’s a quick reference to the other steps:

Think About What You’d Like to Showcase

Lay Out Your Content

Start Designing the Look & Feel