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Templates, Themes & Starting Points

This week we rolled out our new “starting points”. We use to have starting points before that resembled “themes” or “templates”. I’d like to go over the difference between themes, starting points, and template.

Starting points respect the design process. They are basically wireframes. It’s where most designers usually start their process. They usually have a good amount of prep work to do until they can start their wireframes but the wireframe is really the first concrete visual asset that we can start from in Breezi to help you get moving without pushing you to skip important parts of your process. When you first create a Breezi site, you choose your starting point, not a theme.

Themes should be content and layout agnostic. They are more like style sets. They should be applied to any site or page. We do believe that themes should be a part of the design process. They are important for you have handy to be able to iterate through your ideas for yourself and your client. Themes are the next big feature that we will be rolling out. With our new themes feature comes a bulk style editor where you can edit many styles that are related in one shot. It’ll speed up your process.

Templates are pre-packaged designs that are very close to what non-designers imagine & “want” from a website builder. So you change a few things to make yourself feel better and then publish it. To be completely honest, we are not fans of templates as they are defined within tools similar to ours. We believe in empowering the designer, not skipping them. Breezi is for DESIGNING. We currently do not have any plans are releasing templates.

Yes, we are aware that every single website maker is template based. We get that “people” are used to pick their template and then modify it. Its important to understand that Breezi is for designers. We want to bring out your original ideas. All of it. It means that you have to do more work. Maybe that makes us a not such a nice tool for people who just want to change three colors and be on their way but that’s ok.

Our goal is to bring the design process all within one tool and respecting your creation flow. We are definitely not fully there yet but we definitely make it a hell a lot simpler for you.

Lastly, I want to remind people that simpler in this case doesn’t equal better. Simpler = skipping in this particular discussion. Breezi is here to receive your ideas. If we give you more pre-packaged things, it doesn’t make things simpler. We want to fine tune our flow to be right within that area where we get rid of grunt work for you but don’t think for you.

I leave you with a beautiful wireframe.

Breezi Starting Point Wireframe