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Spotlight on Fragments of Winter

Interview with Breezi user Fragments of Winter

Fragments of Winter Homepage Screenshot

Seeing what our customers create with Breezi website builder is by far one of the most rewarding feelings. How people use our platform to express themselves to the world in new and exciting ways makes the long hours we spend perfecting Breezi all worth it.

This is the first post of our “Spotlight” series, where we’ll catch up with Breeziners to hear their story, and share it with you. I had the chance to chat with Tristan Irvine – a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer – about his background, his music, and his Breezi website, Enjoy!

What led you to composing and producing music? 
My first encounter with musical instruments was at a very early age; we used to have a tiny keyboard for kids at home, and a bigger, slightly more serious one. I would make up melodies on them and really enjoy it. Then later came the Playstation and I discovered a game called ‘Music 2000′, which acted like a simulation of the ‘digital audio workstations’ that nowadays everybody uses to make music. I loved it and created lots of songs with it (that I would record to cassettes, give them titles, draw the artwork, etc – I must have been between 10 and 12 at this point). After that I got a computer and some real instruments… the rest is history I guess.
I really enjoy your music. How would you describe your sound?
Thank you! I like to refer to my sound as ‘orchestronica’: a mixture of electronic and orchestral sounds, with melancholic melodies and cinematic atmospheres.
I tend to compose music that moves me personally and I love the idea of that happening to people in different parts of the world as well. It’s such a surreal connection to have with people that I have never even met.
Why is having a website so important for you?
A website is the primary online identity for any business, artist, musician etc.
It’s a potential fan’s first impression of what I’m all about so it has to represent my project and my music in the best possible way. Nowadays, I think that some people are relying too much on social networks, which I do think are a pretty good thing, but a website is a blank canvas where you can express yourself freely and I believe it comes before any other online presence.
What did you like most about creating your website using Breezi?
After having used WordPress for a few years I decided that I wanted to change as I was tired of having to spend hours on fixing technical problems, dealing with issues such as MySQL overload, slow loading times, plugins not working properly, etc. Also, in the past couple of years I got out of the habit of coding so I wanted to find a way to build an elegant and uncluttered website without relying on too much coding.
I had a go at Breezi and never looked back. What I liked about it was the fact that it is simple and intuitive to use but at the same time powerful, allowing me a lot of freedom in creating exactly the design that I had in my head, without dealing with any technical issue. That’s all I was asking for.