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Update: Skins have been released!

Long time no update! We’ve been super busy pushing out feature for you.

We are super close to releasing our skins. Breezi skins are the 1st time that you’ve see a fully layout, content, and app arrangement agnostic theme/skin/template/whatever-you-want-to-call it layer on top of your site. This means that you can apply skin at any point on your site without having to re-do anything.

When we release skins, you’ll be able to preview a skin on your site and see how it looks on every page before applying it. You’ll also be able to create your own partial skins that might consist of just Typography or a Color Scheme.

We’ve been working on this vision for a long time now. We cannot wait to release it. So, when is it coming out? Very soon. Make sure to subscribe on the roadmap page to get a notice when it goes live. We’ll initially be populating the skins ourselves and as it matures, we’ll start to put up contributions by others.