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Site Designed in 10 Minutes with Breezi Website Builder

When we learned the folks behind Pushup Charity were using Breezi’s website builder for their kick-off event, we were so pumped we started doing pushups in the office! We decided to sponsor the event, and put our a-team on the job to make the design pixel-perfect.

The concept for this charity event is pretty awesome…five startup teams will compete live to see which can do the most pushups on stage, and prior to the event they’re all raising money for their teams to benefit a charity of their choice.

An event this awesome needs an equally epic website, and needless to say we were thrilled with the final outcome. Watch the 10-minute video above showing the process of creating and designing

Oh and by the way, this site did take longer than 10 minutes to design, of course, but we sped it up for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!