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Let Sikuli Make a Site for You Using Breezi

At Breezi we use a lot of different methods to test our platform. We’ve still got a long way to go to get better coverage but one of the tools that we’ve recently started using more and more is called Sikuli. A short summary of Sikuli: Sikuli runs on the OS level and uses images to function. Sikuli becomes very useful when you have highly interactive applications or have visual identification issues that are difficult to confirm with tools like Selenium.

So I thought it would be interesting for us to release this so anyone that wants to get a demo of Breezi without lifting a finger could do so by just running this Sikuli test.

So here’s the mac version file. And here’s how to use it:

  1. Chrome should not have the download
  2. Developer tools should be closed

And here the Windows version. Instructions:

  1. Have Chrome on main monitor
  2. Don’t have chrome browser on full size (maximized)
  3. Windows task bar should not be on top of screen (position)
  4. Chrome should be opened and visible (on Windows, Sikuli has problems opening processes and bring focus to it)

Note: you also need to download Sikuli which you can grab from here.