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Respect Your Pause

The pause is that time before you stumble upon that beautiful idea. It’s that grey period where nothing interesting is happening and you’re seeing if there’s anything there. You’re in the room, it’s dark, you know the idea is somewhere in there. You just have to spend a long time to find it. And you’re not sure if it’s worth anything once you discover it.

Most of us are slaves to our inbox. We crave for the reactionary behavior. We love anticipation. We spend our time looking “inspiration”. The whole idea of the “remix” culture is widely accepted and people love to just dismiss any original thought. They just say it’s just a remix of something else. That’s probably true. Partially… they don’t care to dissect the degree of the remix.

The thing that we have to make clear is that our natural tendency is not to sit down for hours of difficult struggle with our own thoughts to really seek out what we’re capable of doing. It’s a massive investment. It’s scary and uncomfortable.

So instead of the investment in our journey, we google things, look on dribbble, scroll endlessly on Pinterest or just keep checking facebook / twitter every 10 minutes. And when we’re not at the computer, we find other ways to distract ourselves. To make it worst, we label distracted people as creative. We encourage them. They have tons of ideas so they are constantly jumping around… right?

We want to encourage you to discover your own ideas.

At the core of Breezi is an idea that you are creative. That if you are given a blank slate, you can sit there and create something beautiful and original. We can debate over what original is but you get what I mean.

That’s why we don’t force templates on you. That’s why we develop features through the lens of extending your ability to create and do it fast. Less wizards and step by steps… more free form thinking. Rather than dismissing features that extend your capability to create as things that would make Breezi more difficult to use, we look at them as neccasary steps for your ideas to pour out.

We ask ourselves… does it allow you to create what’s in your mind? The rest of it is a discussion of execution & ux.

We won’t deny that lots of people will enjoy an application that makes you look like an artist. Apps that give you shortcuts can be great. We just want to encourage you to respect your pause for a moment, listen to it and see what’s in there. It might be the greatest idea you’ve ever had.