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For starting a real site! If you want to just try it out!
Design & Publish Websites Faster
For starting a real site! If you want to just try it out!


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Undo & Speed

We’ve pushed over 30 new features in these past 2 months. Now it’s time to focus on the two most important features. Speed improvements and ability to undo/redo. Why didn’t we do it earlier? Mainly because we were still putting in major pieces of the platform until a few weeks ago. We’ve finally reached that point where we understand all the components that make up the core Breezi experience.

Undo / Redo

It’s the most requested feature since we started Breezi. I just wanted to tell you all that we have started working on it now and we plan on finishing before the end of the year. We heard you loud and clear and we’re sorry we didn’t do it earlier!

Update! Undo is live!


We’re focusing on two major areas. First is to not refresh the editor when you visit new pages and to utilize LocalStorage for storing the page data so we don’t have to travel to the server as often as we do. These two improvements in addition to a strong focus of getting rid of our memory leaks will help us dramatically improve the speed for you.

Thank you!

PS - Visit the roadmap page and put your email there to get an update on when it will be available

Share Feedback & We’ll Donate to Charity Water

We take customer feedback very seriously. Hearing what you love about Breezi, what you’re having trouble with, and what features you want most  is what guides our product development decisions and helps us prioritize properly. Your feedback is our compass, to know what we’re doing right and what we need to fix and improve.

So moving forward, for every completed feedback survey we receive, we’re going to make a $2 donation to charity: water. If you’re not familiar, charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. They do some amazing work, and we’re thrilled to support their efforts while learning critical feedback from our customers.

If you’re already a customer using Breezi, you can complete our feedback survey here. If not, sign up for a free trial!

Click Here to Share Your Feedback


How Does Professional Design Help Work?

If you’d like our designers to help you with your site, you can request for help here.

Here is how it works:

  1. We first review the details of your form to see exactly what you need
  2. A Designer will be assigned to your project and will contact you to confirm his understanding of the project
  3. Once we’re on the same page, we’ll make a copy of your current site (or start from scratch if you don’t have anything) and make the changes there
  4. Once we have our version complete, we will send you the link for your review. You can come back with any changes that you might have.
  5. We’ll then work on those changes and send back a final version for your review again. We can do any minor changes at the end and then hand over the site either within your current Breezi account or under a new account

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us here.

What does Breezi do to create a responsive + adaptive experience for mobile & tablet users?

So in this post I talked about how we differentiate between responsive and adaptive when talking about mobile optimization.

In this post, I’ll get into what we actually did. All of our efforts around device optimization was based around one idea…  Responsiveness (mainly width) does NOT mean your site will work well on mobile.

That means that just because you can resize your window on your desktop browser and see the columns stack up, it does not mean the site is optimized for mobile devices.

All Breezi sites are responsive by default

What we did was first make all Breezi sites responsive by default. That means that every site that you make in Breezi is responsive by default. You don’t need to do anything to make that happen.

Let me clarify another thing… we don’t have Themes that are built responsive. Our entire platform is responsive. That means that ANYTHING you make in Breezi will be responsive.

1. Our Apps are responsive

All of the apps in everyone of your pages is designed for mobile devices already using media queries to size images and videos correctly when it’s being viewed on mobile & tablet devices.

2. Our layout builder is responsive

When you build a custom layout in Breezi, you can then open it in another browser and start resizing it to see how it can respond to the width of your screen. Any layout that you make in Breezi will be responsive as a result.

Note: we will someday release width conditional responsiveness as well. We have the ability to do it now but we want to put in the right user experience for it. That would mean that you could decide how the stacking / responsiveness would behave depending on the width of the screen.

3. We have Device Optimizer (adaptive)

Device Optimizer is a platform that we’ve designed in-house. Here is what it does

  • When you visit a page on a mobile device, it will check your apps to see if you have an app that requires further optimization, if it does, it will then…
  • Run a script to strip the content out of those apps and wrap them in a completely new behavior that is optimized for the device that it’s being viewed on
  • It will also read the styles that you have on your page and transfer them to the new behavior


Ok, so that’s how we optimize your pages!

Breezi Affiliate Referral Program Launched

We just launched our new affiliate program where you can earn up to 20% recurring commissions! It’s perfect for bloggers, marketers, tutorial / resource sites and anyone else that thinks an awesome website builder would be useful for their audience!

Check it out today!

Quick video on how to create a landing page using the framed slideshow app!

So we just released the new framed slideshow app!!!!

There will be some posts coming up on our how to’s on different ways to use this but for now, check out this video a site being created from scratch using the frame slideshow app!

It’s really perfect for creating a landing page!

We hope you’ll enjoy it

Skins Skins Skins

Update: Skins have been released!

Long time no update! We’ve been super busy pushing out feature for you.

We are super close to releasing our skins. Breezi skins are the 1st time that you’ve see a fully layout, content, and app arrangement agnostic theme/skin/template/whatever-you-want-to-call it layer on top of your site. This means that you can apply skin at any point on your site without having to re-do anything.

When we release skins, you’ll be able to preview a skin on your site and see how it looks on every page before applying it. You’ll also be able to create your own partial skins that might consist of just Typography or a Color Scheme.

We’ve been working on this vision for a long time now. We cannot wait to release it. So, when is it coming out? Very soon. Make sure to subscribe on the roadmap page to get a notice when it goes live. We’ll initially be populating the skins ourselves and as it matures, we’ll start to put up contributions by others.

Let’s have some fesenjoon

I attempted to cook Fesenjoon (amazing Iranian dish) for the whole office. I should count better next time.

Introducing Our New FTP Sync Tool

breezi ftp synchronization

Cloud creation and editing tools are in a very special category. Almost all have to charge some sort of subscription amount for a combination of hosting your data + giving you access to their creation tools.

We believe that those two decisions shouldn’t be joined. You should be able to choose one without the other. If you want to use Breezi to create but don’t want to use it to host, that should be ok. If you want to host with us, great. And after tomorrow, you’ll also be able to host your Breezi site anywhere.

A true creation tool doesn’t hold the creation hostage. Our FTP sync feature is a big step in this relationship. It’s a creation tool that happens to offer a way to host your files. Not the other way around.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to sync the files from your Breezi account to your own hosting account via FTP. All you have to do is enter your FTP username, password and the destination directory and we’ll sync your site’s files from the Breezi server to your server.

You could also use it for backing up your files. This feature is very new so we would love your feedback.

Get started building your website with our website creator  and synchronize your files via FTP.