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Design & Publish Websites Faster
For starting a real site! If you want to just try it out!
Design & Publish Websites Faster
For starting a real site! If you want to just try it out!


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Embed Breezi Signup Form in your Affiliate site

Would you like to allow your website visitors to create Breezi sites from your own host?

if you would like to use our advanced API to fully host the form in your own host please checkout Breezi advanced site creation API tutorial.

NOTE: We also offer an advanced site creation API. For web hosts interested in using the following method to resell Breezi directly to customers within your hosting package(s), we’ll just need to add your server IP(s) so your customers’ sites are flagged as paid. Please email us with questions and for more information:


First you will need to signup in our affiliate program: once you complete the signup form you will receive an email with your affiliate ID.

Then copy and paste the following HTML code in the area you want to display the Signup form:

<iframe style="width: 100%; height: 495px; overflow: hidden;" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="320" height="240"></iframe>

Don’t forget to replace the affiliate id in this example with your proper affiliate ID

Preview or Download

Modal Window

Require HTML/CSS Experience

You can use any jquery plugin or twitter bootstrap to open the signup form in a modal. In our modal example, we will be using Twitter Bootstrap Modal.

<!-- Button to trigger modal -->
 <a class="btn btn-large btn-primary" href="#signUp" data-toggle="modal">Sign up today</a>
<!-- Modal -->
 <div id="signUp" class="modal hide fade"><iframe style="width: 100%; height: 495px; overflow: hidden;" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="320" height="240"></iframe></div>

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Content Mode is Here!!

I’m so super excited to announce that we finally have content mode. Content mode might look familiar to you if you’ve ever used any other CMS. So why is this special? Because you now have a CHOICE between having a visual editing workflow or more CMS like which gives you the full flexibility to edit how you would like. When we first focused on building a visual editor, I did a lot of research on what others have gone through and read what they had to say about visual editors and how that leads to creating all kinds of content formatting issues.

What we think is that you shouldn’t have to choose between one or another. That sometimes you want to edit visually and other times you want to edit with more of a CMS view.

This is also great news for when you want to hand your site over to a client or a user that shouldn’t be touching styles. You can have them just go into content mode and edit from there.

Lastly, you’ll notice that there is a “pages” dropdown which allows you to edit the apps from other pages right there.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Click it on your shelf and you’ll get the option!

Breezi Site Transferring & Creating Multiple Sites From a Single Account

I’d like to address some of the questions we’ve gotten about the workflow of designers.

We get that many of you are designers that do work on behalf of your clients and that the ownership of the site changes after the site is published. We also understand that a good tool would deal with allowing you to create as many sites as you’d like, similar to how Photoshop allows you to create as many images/psds as you’d like.

Multisite for Smaller # of SItes: In the next month or two, we have no plans on allowing standard breezi single site accounts to be able to create multiple sites from one account. We do have another edition of Breezi which allows you to manage many sites but that’s better for users that want to create more than 20 sites. It’s actually perfect for them. If you want more information on that, please click here.

In the midterm (2-3 months), we are planning on releasing the ability for you to link your Breezi accounts and be able to login to each of them from one another.

Pricing Expectations: The pricing for such a product will be different when we plan to release it. It will not be all the sites that you can make for $9/mo.

Ownership: We’re also going to address the issue of site ownership with a feature called Snapshots. Snapshots will be like a Breezi compatible full export of your site that you can import into any other Breezi account. This will allow you to “hand over” a site to a client if you don’t want to just create an account and then change the username and password.

Using PlaceIt Images for Commercial Purposes

You’re completely ok to use PlaceIt-generated-images for commercial use. You just need to attribute PlaceIt if the work is publicly displayed. We’re ok with any attribution so long as you’re clearly not trying to be an asshole and just burying it. Doesn’t have to be large or very prominent either. Anything along the lines of mentioning PlaceIt is fine. We’d obviously really appreciate a link back.

Here is the license. If you have more questions, email us here.

If you’d like to contribute a photo to be used as a PlaceIt environment, please submit it here.

Let Sikuli Make a Site for You Using Breezi

At Breezi we use a lot of different methods to test our platform. We’ve still got a long way to go to get better coverage but one of the tools that we’ve recently started using more and more is called Sikuli. A short summary of Sikuli: Sikuli runs on the OS level and uses images to function. Sikuli becomes very useful when you have highly interactive applications or have visual identification issues that are difficult to confirm with tools like Selenium.

So I thought it would be interesting for us to release this so anyone that wants to get a demo of Breezi without lifting a finger could do so by just running this Sikuli test.

So here’s the mac version file. And here’s how to use it:

  1. Chrome should not have the download
  2. Developer tools should be closed

And here the Windows version. Instructions:

  1. Have Chrome on main monitor
  2. Don’t have chrome browser on full size (maximized)
  3. Windows task bar should not be on top of screen (position)
  4. Chrome should be opened and visible (on Windows, Sikuli has problems opening processes and bring focus to it)

Note: you also need to download Sikuli which you can grab from here.

PlaceIt by Breezi: Place your screenshots in realistic environments within seconds!

When you pour a lot of effort into designing something, you want to show it off right. So most people try to put it within some sort of environment to make it feel a bit more real. That’s a pain in the ass because you have to open up photoshop, tilt, skew, apply glares… so we made a tool for you guys to do it in seconds. Just drag and drop your screenshot right onto the environment you’d like to use and we’ll generate it for you.

We have a few environments in there now (iPad, iPhone, iMac and more) and will be adding many more if you guys end up using and sharing tool.

Let us know what you think! (

Freebie: The New iMac PSD Download

Download 27" iMac PSD

Download 27″ iMac PSD

Keeping on with the Christmas gifts!

Fully scalable photoshop vector shapes that make up the new Apple 27″ iMac in two angles, from left and right. We hope you guys enjoy this cool free PSD!

Released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Freebie: 4 Simple Tileable Patterns

Just a small freebie for those awesome designers out there. 4 Simple tileable patterns in a .pat file: Marker Felt, Dotted Paper, Subtle Grunge and Dark Blueprint, have fun.

Released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Minimal UI Icon and Font Set

We are in a Giving Mood!

We have put together the White Olive Collection Icon freebie for you, released under Creative Commons license BY. This collection of 50 icons are a great resource for adding the finishing touches to your design project. This handcrafted set is available as PSD and AI source files.

New FONT Sent Included

We have also included this minimal icon set as a font set. You can now add this to your font catalog with a tff file that we have included in the zip file. Enjoy!