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Nitrogen is Live!

Dear Breezi User,

There are many reasons why you may decide to rewrite an entire platform that you spent 2 years building.

For us, it was speed. Specifically, it was concurrency and latency.

Concurrency, in our case, was when many users saved changes at the same time, and we were unable to anticipate a huge spike in usage at random instances.

Latency was users from all around the world trying to save changes and experiencing slight delays because of the networks that their requests must travel through.

The new release addresses both of these issues.

Our users love Breezi because they can customize. A lot.

So now each tinker will be so much faster than before.

Nitrogen is the name of our new Breezi version, and the basic concept behind it is very simple: Save locally, and let the user send changes to the server when you can.

That means that every change you make is first saved locally to your computer, and we then sync your changes with the server every so often.

This allows you to work on your site without experiencing any lags.

Pretty simple idea. Pretty big undertaking.

Breezi had to be completely rewritten from scratch to be able to work like this. For the last 8 months our entire engineering effort has focused on this new version of Breezi.

We really hope that you’ll enjoy this release.