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Integrating How-To’s, Tips & Tricks, and Q&A on

After launching Breezi, we knew it was critical to support our growing community with all the information and resources needed to create amazing websites on our platform. But in the hoopla of talking with users, gathering feedback, and cranking out tutorials, how to’s, FAQs and other materials, we lost the proper organization for accessing and making good use of these resources.

New Integrated Resources Portal

That’s all about to change.
We’ve worked hard the last couple of weeks completing a new, integrated resources portal on, bringing together How-To articles, Tips & Tricks video tutorials, Getting Started videos, and a new interactive Questions area. The best part is that the intuitive search feature pulls results from all of these resource areas, making it quick and easy for you to find helpful answers and information on Breezi’s capabilities. We’re wrapping up final testing and will launch this new part of the site in the next day or two.

Breezi Search Portal for Helpful Resources, Tips & Tricks, How To's and Q&A

Why did we do this?
We found that a lot of users were having trouble finding answers to questions they had while creating their site, or even beforehand while browsing Although we put together a lot of great materials and answers to frequently asked questions, they weren’t nearly as easily searchable and accessible as they should be.

So we basically merged our knowledge base, FAQs page, Tutorials, and Getting Started video series into one centralized, searchable portal.

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We’ve also added commenting to just about every post, so you can share your feedback and follow-up questions. You can also submit questions you have, and answer existing questions from other users. We honestly base a great deal of our product planning and feature enhancements on the direct feedback we get from users like you, and by getting involved in the conversation you’ll be helping to shape the future of Breezi.

We’re also rolling out a new newsletter where you can stay up-to-date on new features, how-to’s & tips.

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So post up your questions, comment on posts, and if you have an answer or tip to share, please do! We look forward to hearing from you!