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Looking for an iWeb Replacement? Try Breezi for Your Website

iWeb screenshot

Back when iWeb launched in 2006 as part of iLife (with tied-in hosting through MobileMe), there was lots of excitement about Apple’s newest innovation…an easy software tool to create, publish, and manage a website. At the time website builders were in the early stages still. iWeb was a nice tool if you didn’t want to code, yet still be able to design and manage a website fairly easily.

As the years passed, the website builder space became more and more crowded, and Apple had lots of other products to focus on, which took priority over further developing iWeb. Finally in 2011 Apple announced plans to discontinue support and further development, leaving loyalists wondering where to turn next.

screenshot of iWeb replacement

Since then, users have increasingly been looking for an iWeb replacement for creating and managing their websites. Now, of course I’m quite biased when I say Breezi is the best iWeb replacement on the market by far, but here are some reasons why:

1. iWeb users loved the simple visual interface for creating their site. Although Breezi’s editing features are of course much different, we’ve taken the idea of visual editing to completely new levels, striking the difficult balance between simplistic, elegant user experience and ultimate flexibility & control making Breezi an ideal replacement for iWeb.

2. In iWeb, the design experience was all around themes. You pick a theme, and  you modify it. Breezi will soon be releasing a full theming system, that not only lets you select from pre-designed themes and modify them as little or as much as you’d like, but also create and save your own fully custom themes easily. Plus through the style dots, layout options, and apps you can create an entirely unique design fairly easily.

screenshot of Breezi visual website builder

3. You also had widgets in iWeb to integrate 3rd party services like YouTube videos and Google Maps. We take that idea way further with apps in Breezi. With apps you can add, move around, and configure everything ranging from photo & video galleries, contact forms, video players, a blog, slideshows, social media feeds, and more. And you can easily embed all sorts of 3rd party tools like shopping carts (PayPal, Shopify, etc.), mailing list sign-ups (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.), custom forms (Wufoo), and many, many others. The sky’s the limit, and we’re growing our apps library regularly.

Breezi iWeb Replacement - Embedded Apps Replace iWeb Widgets

With iWeb you had to publish your site through MobileMe or another hosting service using FTP. It’s easier through Breezi – hosting is part of the service, and it’s all managing right through your browser. When you make changes to your site, they apply right then and there, without having to re-publish.

At the end of the day, people love Apple products because they blend intuitive simplicity with amazing functionality. When it comes to creating and managing a website, Breezi carries through that same ethos, and I honestly think it’s a very ideal iWeb alternative for folks looking for the best replacement.