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Introducing the Yelp Profile Website Design Shuffler!

There’s some exciting news to share! We’ve released one of the 1st integrations with our Shuffler engine, which lets small business owners import their Yelp listing information into a beautifully designed website on Breezi. This is the 1st prototype, so please take a moment and check it out.

How it Works

Shuffler goes to your Yelp listing page, grabs all of the pertinent content, and inserts the content into one our templates. Then our design shuffler produces a variety of design combinations using our partial skins, and generates a preview screenshot of each, so you can choose from a range of awesome designs with your own content preloaded from your Yelp listing!

What Happens Next

You can then choose one of the designs, all of your information will be transfered into your new site, and you’ll be able to edit and customize it as much as you’d like!

Check it out!