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Introducing Our New FTP Sync Tool

breezi ftp synchronization

Cloud creation and editing tools are in a very special category. Almost all have to charge some sort of subscription amount for a combination of hosting your data + giving you access to their creation tools.

We believe that those two decisions shouldn’t be joined. You should be able to choose one without the other. If you want to use Breezi to create but don’t want to use it to host, that should be ok. If you want to host with us, great. And after tomorrow, you’ll also be able to host your Breezi site anywhere.

A true creation tool doesn’t hold the creation hostage. Our FTP sync feature is a big step in this relationship. It’s a creation tool that happens to offer a way to host your files. Not the other way around.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to sync the files from your Breezi account to your own hosting account via FTP. All you have to do is enter your FTP username, password and the destination directory and we’ll sync your site’s files from the Breezi server to your server.

You could also use it for backing up your files. This feature is very new so we would love your feedback.

Get started building your website with our website creator  and synchronize your files via FTP.