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Content Mode is Here!!

I’m so super excited to announce that we finally have content mode. Content mode might look familiar to you if you’ve ever used any other CMS. So why is this special? Because you now have a CHOICE between having a visual editing workflow or more CMS like which gives you the full flexibility to edit how you would like. When we first focused on building a visual editor, I did a lot of research on what others have gone through and read what they had to say about visual editors and how that leads to creating all kinds of content formatting issues.

What we think is that you shouldn’t have to choose between one or another. That sometimes you want to edit visually and other times you want to edit with more of a CMS view.

This is also great news for when you want to hand your site over to a client or a user that shouldn’t be touching styles. You can have them just go into content mode and edit from there.

Lastly, you’ll notice that there is a “pages” dropdown which allows you to edit the apps from other pages right there.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Click it on your shelf and you’ll get the option!